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Helping Businesses Win Customers and Clients and Make More Money with Quality Content and Compelling Copy


You want content and copy that gets results. Whether it’s sales or sign-ups or the longer-term snowball effect of straight-up content marketing . . . measurable results are what counts.

And I can deliver that kind of content/copy . . .

  • On time
  • Error free
  • Well researched
  • Custom tailored for a specific target audience
  • Carefully crafted for a specific purpose
  • SEO friendly
  • Engaging, memorable, and shareable
  • And at reasonable rates


All in Paint[2]

“Michael is not just a good writer – he is a writer who gets solid SEO results. The only downside to Michael Hearing is there is only one of him. If there were an army of Michael Hearing clones, I could rule SEO Land.” 

  —Karen DeCrane, SEO/SEM Consultant

Now, we all know that way too many freelance writers are . . . well, just flakes. They disappear, they don’t deliver on time, and they are often prima donnas. And that’s a major headache for you and your clients.

But what if you could get plenty of absolutely top-notch content at affordable rates and delivered on time? That would go a long way toward providing you some peace of mind, wouldn’t it?

And what if it was also great content written by a freelancer with 20+ years of experience, a writer with a passion for creating readable, shareable content aimed at a specific target audience to achieve a clearly defined purpose? And to top it all off, that writer has a keen eye trained by many years as a freelance copy editor.

You’d jump at an opportunity like that, wouldn’t you? Well, here’s your chance . . .

  • Blog Posts
  • Long-form Articles/Skyscraper Content
  • Website Pages
  • Landing Pages
  • Press Releases
  • Marketing Emails
  • Customer Case Studies
  • Ghostwriting

It’s up to you, then. Do you want peace of mind when it comes to that crucial content or copy?

If you do, you can hire me now.

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Michael Hearing is a seasoned, talented freelance marketing content writer and online copywriter with 22+ years' experience. If you're ready to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from hiring that kind of writer, then contact Michael at michael.hearing.com or at 918-766-6020.