How We Proceed

How We Proceed

Here’s how it works . . .

1. You contact me via email or phone and tell me what kind of book you have and what kind of editing you’d like.

2. After we discuss exactly what you have in mind, you email me a sample of the work – say a short representative chapter, maybe 10 pages or so.

3. I look the sample over and work some of my editing magic on it, also providing some general comments and editorial suggestions, and then I send it back to you. At this point, I give you my rates for your project.

(For the editing, I use Track Changes. I’ll send you back two versions of the edited document: one showing and one not showing the Track Changes changes.)

4. You consider what I’ve proposed and then accept or not and let me know.

5. If we’re agreeable all around, you send me the entire work, plus 50% of the agreed-upon price. (That way, we share the financial risk equally.) We’ll also agree on turn-around time and completion date at this point.

6. I do the kind of editing you’ve asked for (two passes minimum) and then send the edited document back to you.

7. If you’re happy with my work and nothing further needs to be done, you send me the remaining 50% of my fee. (Right now, I’m using only PayPal, but more options will soon be available.)

8. Then you send your book out into the world and start getting rich and famous.

And that’s how we do it – easy-peasy and no worries.

Michael Hearing’s writing and editorial skills are absolutely remarkable. He is not only masterful with the mechanics of the English language, he also possesses an uncanny sense of perception and insight and his analytical skills are spot on. I very highly recommend Michael Hearing.”                    Donald Higgins, Higgins Heating & Air, Frankfort, IL

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Michael Hearing is a seasoned, talented editor (both fiction and nonfiction) with 20+ years as a freelance editor. If you're ready to enjoy the no-worries peace of mind that comes from hiring a skilled and experienced editor, then contact Michael at or at 918-766-6020.