The Process

The Process

Okay, you’ve decided to hire me for content writing/copywriting needs. What’s the next step?


1.The next step is for you to work up a detailed profile of the target audience and a clear statement of the exact purpose of and results desired from the content or copy. (Keep in mind, too, that if you’re having trouble nailing down audience and purpose, you can contact me, and we can work through these together).

2. Contact me by email or phone so we can discuss your content needs and the terms of the writing project.

3. Once I have sufficient information, I can provide a solid quote.

4. We agree on scope, terms, and price.

5. After we agree, you send me (usually via PayPal) the requisite 50% for work to begin. (We share in the risk this way, just as partners should.)

6. I write the content and then email it to you.

7. I make all the revisions/changes you request.

8. You send me the remaining 50%.

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Michael Hearing is a seasoned, talented freelance marketing content writer and online copywriter with 22+ years' experience. If you're ready to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from hiring that kind of writer, then contact Michael at or at 918-766-6020.